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Diary of a wanna-be Connectivist.
October 26, 2008, 12:21 am
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These are just some notes I’ve been making as I work through a Connectivist course on Connectivism – CCK08.  They’re pretty rough.


Why make them? I simply wanted to log my thoughts about the experience as I worked through the weeks, watch my own learning as it were, log any insights.  Somehow I thought, it might also help me help other learners come to grips with a connectivist course, or at least talk to them meaningfully, or at least sincerely about stages in my becoming a connectivist [smile].  Not sure it does anything of the sort, but here are my thoughts so far….This may all be blindingly obvious to all you guys on this course, who are pretty digitally literate if not digitally artistic. I also haven’t documented yet my path and trails of thinking via resources, other participants etc.  and I haven’t yet looked at my own pattern making, I need to that. 


0-Week 5: Early Flounder period of Connectivism:

General feelings of trying to get to grips with the amount of content, the readings, the links, the postings and various presentations. Whilst the introduction mentions that we’re not supposed to read everything, i.e. the trick is to pick and choose and create our own connections, finding it difficult to for example, not to follow the readings in the chronological order offered. Find the strait-jacket of instructivism has me well and truly locked in….need to escape.. 

 I lose this fear over the next few weeks [i.e. the read in order thing] as I simply can’t seem to keep up with all of the material that’s out there, threads and different discussions and so on. 


 Also note that a certain group of participants seem to have ‘hit the ground running’, they seem very familiar with the types of concepts, vocabulary etc. being discussed and used.  This I find off-putting, reminds me of the phrase ‘faux debutantes’, i.e. those learners who are a little more than beginners in language learning for example and it can be offputting to the beginners who literally don’t have a word, or a clue!  Anyways, my point is that because of this, I’m scrabbling around looking for a group that are a bit more beginner-like.  Go into the yahoo group but find after an initial couple of comments, I get lazy and don’t bother going back, my fault here, by the way, need to revisit.


Learning strategy

Pick out a few core pieces of material, presentations typically from George or Stephen and re-listen to them over the period a couple of times. Still in Flounder mode, but perhaps moving to Lurk mode.  


What not to do

Under pressure to at least start posting something, I post ‘something’ as in not particularly insightful even interesting pieces.  The pressure is to post, even though my thoughts and beliefs at this point are relatively unformed. Is this a good thing to do? Dunno.


Maybe I shouldn’t join and then fail to revisit frequently a group, perhaps there’s some commitment required here? Of course there is, actually I think it’s more to do with not managing the feeds better, Google reader would probably help here.  


Week 6:Lurk to the left, then move to the centre…

Oh God, half way through the course and not a child in the house washed [as they say]!  Panic – Should I panic?  There is still a pressure [self-imposed of course] from seeing everyone else use the blogs so fluently to scrape something together and do something myself.  Had used the blog part of Moodle up to this.  Reckon I was the only one in the entire 2, 000 participants to do this. Nice to be maverick, or worse…. 


So I start my WordPress blog.  Handy tool and I like, though my site hasn’t all the bells and whistles I see in other peoples great blogs.  Will set myself some of these features to include in the next few weeks. Spend ages, trying to find what the RSS url is on the weblog you ultimately produce, as you need it to circulate –  and ultimately use just the login and the weblog address. Stunningly easy.  Now I sit and wait, [drum, drum sound of fingers on my laptop].

Also, having played with Cmap a wee bit, start playing with MindMeister… Up to now, I’m actually just hand drawing my concept maps.  And to be honest, they’re not really concept maps, they’re just short notes on what the content of a particular presentation, or paper is….Not sure I see the real learning value for me, of becoming adept with these tools.


Learning Strategy

I mentioned in my blog that I was doing this diary, posted that as a comment and it’s like telling the world you’re giving up smoking,  you kinda gotta keep to the promise.  The pressure is on.  Blog as self-applied pressure, nice. Oh yeah, Google Reader getting helpful as management tool. 

What not to do

Don’t avoid the tools.  Get digitally literate.


Week 7: Radio silence and then..

And then…first PingBack. Mm, don’t sigh all of you blog experts, remember that feeling, it’s great, someone has made a link to and with what you’ve put down in your blog.   Great feeling and a very generous comment from another participant.  Interesting how he did exactly what Stephen Downes refers to in his 7 Habits of highly connected people , he refers to my point and then offers a link to something that might be of interest me,  to someone reflecting a similar experience or point of view.


It’s the gifting culture of web 2.0, or of Connectivism, priceless.


Write a comment back on his blog.  Mmm, not sure of protocol on referring to other post he mentions for me.  Should I comment back on that one first, i.e. the one he suggests, or is there even an expectation of that?  Must check out the protocols on all of this.


Things to do with Tools

Clearly try them. Then try and explain them to someone else. Useful exercise. Oh yeah, and start to critique the tools.  I was just lamenting, to myself, how a particular tool doesn’t seem to do the accompanying audio, and then I noticed  that another participant  had also made a similar comment, to which the co-founder of the company had replied or at least queried her comment! Wow what service!  As a novice to these tools, I wouldn’t be prepared to say anything about them yet, but by critiquing, you’re ultimately going to learn more, see reaction, and of course ultimately see evolution and fixes on tools, I suppose.


Question to myself – should I be mentioning all of the tools, people, participants etc. I refer to in these notes by name, not sure of protocol..this is a trust thing and a privacy thing, and this is an issue for people, I imagine. …Actually, probably should include names etc. Will update later.

Stephen Downes in discussion session on Wednesday, gave a stern warning to all of ‘those people’, ‘us?’  who use a recipe based, prescription based approach to learning.  He believes that there is not a strong future for ID proper,  but does point up his belief in logic, rhetoric, acting, drama, modelling and demonstrating.  I need to relisten to this as I missed the final part but, how do we work this into a learning programs that we’re paid to produce. Already, there’s someone, ‘deciding’ what participants will learn.  Where I’m going with this is should we be helping participants really feel the strength and generosity of the blogosphere over doling out the prescriptive stuff?  So, what are the best ways of modelling, or demonstration of blogging strengths to people in large private organisations?


Learning strategy

Haven’t time to run this one right through to conclusion, but some ideas might be to use the blogs to get people to talk about their learning challenges, or their modes of learning or what they actually really do want to learn in their courses.

This is actually the week that we’re discussing Instructional Design or the role of educators and how Connectivism might change or affect what educators do, need to do.  Is it my imagination or is this a quieter week than any preceding?


Question are there ebbs and flows in connectivist models and networks?  If there are, and surely there would be, how or should a flow and dynamic be maintained?   How does this map to patterning and making connections? Need to look at this.  TO BE CONTINUED [maybe?]

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How is diary writing? I have enjoyed your posts in the diary and wonder if you are ready to post another installment.


Comment by Keith Lyons

Thanks Keith, you are too generous! Yes, i hope to post another installment soon. Paper 2 is taking precedence i’m afraid.


Comment by shel22

bNaQR8 hi nice site thanx

Comment by bob

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