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Week 6 – CCK08 -Half way through the course
October 18, 2008, 11:31 am
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This is my first posting on my WordPress blog.  Mm, you might say, seems like a good point in the course to do this, if a little tardy?  Well, it’s been a challenge to cover all of the required material/content bases and do the ‘doey’ things as well, like getting a blog together, post, reply, get involved..And because i’m one of a select group of participants who’ve been perhaps a little slower than most in getting into the connecting part, I’ve also been trying to log my progress both practically and metacognitively in a ongoing,  ‘Diary of a wanna-be Connectivist’ – to be posted shortly.  This may be a bit navel gazing but my thought here is that it’ll be something to share with other learners who may have a similar, reticent approach to becoming connected.  This reticence is fueled or shaped by a life time of linear learning even thinking, and the now i see/feel/know in a gut wrenching way,  erroneous, sense and belief that one has to have a very ‘comprehensive’, ‘complete’, ‘correct’ view of whatever subject it is, you’re talking about  BEFORE you can  actually say anything, post anything etc.  Yes, of course these points are blindingly obvious to those who live in the connected online world but not so to those who are or have been lurking around it.

The CCKO8 material is excellent as we all know but as many contributors, and our teachers have said, [Anderson, Siemens etc.] we need exposure to all of the technology tools, blogs, etc. and there needs to be perpetual experimentation with these tools, so we need to be playing with them so that we have informed opinions that we can pass onto other learners.  That’s been the huge step forward for me, and i’m only started so may not make it either. 

It’s interesting to try and log the exact point at which you become a little more comfortable with doing this type of thing. It’s a gradual thing and sometimes a certain article or phrase can really hit it home.  Stephen Downes 7 Habits of Highly Connected People i found straight talking and inspirational.  It should be one of the primers for anyone doing this course or a similar connectivist type endeavor.  Very direct, some key points like ‘Be reactive’ in other words, posting isn’t about just airing your views and opinions it’s about connecting and responding to others and drawing links between what they’ve said and your content…by the way, this post isn’t really doing that of course, :?, but it’s a first post so I’m learning.  And I’m trying to reflect point seven which is ‘Be Yourself’ without being too self-conscious. 

So, just a few thoughts and best wishes to all participants and a huge thanks to George and Stephen and the other presenters and facilitators that the next 6 weeks will be as exciting and worthwhile as the first 6.


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